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Press Releases

Press Packet for Press Conference 10.19.2017 October 19, 2017

Press Conference Following Oral Arguments In Ninth Circuit Challenge To Californias Prostitution Law October 18,2017

Civil Rights and LGBTQ Organizations Support Sex Workers in Ninth Circuit Appeal October 18, 2017

Louis Sirkin, Preeminent First Amendment Lawyer, Will Argue Historic Case October 10, 2017

httpDate For Oral Arguments Set Before The US Ninth Circuit October 4, 2017

Press Advisory Ninth Circuit Oral Argument.pdf Date for Oral Arguments Set Before the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Constitutional Challenge to California’s Prostitution Law August 15, 2017

Press Release 2017 Policy Agenda.pdfApril 13, 2017

Announcing Partnership to Support Sexual Privacy Court Case February 10, 2017

Press Release Senate Show Trial Of Backpage January 11, 2017

36 Organizations Sign On Historic ESPLERP Challenge With Amicus Briefs October 8, 2016

Sex Workers Outraged At Backpage Charges October 7, 2017

Sex Workers File Appeal For Decriminalization Of Sex Work September 30, 2016

ESPLERP Applauds Podcast Challenging Trafficking Narrative September 13, 2016

EPSPLERP Joins Opposition to California State Ballot Measure Prop 60 Sept. 6, 2016

30 Day Extension For Appellate Briefs August 30, 2016

Sex Workers Call Out Bay Area Women Against Rape July 7, 2016

Sex Workers Call Out Police Abuse As Tip Of The Iceberg June 22, 2016

Sex Workers Applaud Amnesty International Policy June 4, 2016

ESPLERP Files Notice To Appeal Against Deeply Flawed Judgement In Northern California District Court May 24, 2016

Judge Ruling Grants Defendants Motion To Dismiss April 1, 2016

Anti-Trafficking Scam February 3, 2016

End The Anti – Trafficking Scam February 2, 2016

New Hampshire Legislators Propose Decriminalization of Prostitution January 31, 2016

Press Release Policy Agenda 2016 January 27, 2016

The Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Myth That Just Won’t Go Away Press Release Super Bowl January 20, 2016

Latest Brief Filed in Historic Lawsuit Based on Landmark US Supreme Court Ruling January 19, 2016


PR International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers Dec.17, 2015

ESPLERP thanks SWOP Bay For Supporting Decriminalization Dec. 2015

Act Now to #DecriminalizeHIV, #DecriminalizeSexWork The Time To Act Is Now. But Laws Against Prostitution Endanger The Health Of Sex Workers December 1, 2015

ESPLERP_PR_8.5.2015 August 7, 2015 Hearing and Press Conference Canceled.

ESPLERP Press Release March 3, 2015

ESPLERP Press Release PDF May 4,2015