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GoFundMe Canceled Our Fundraising Campaign But You Can Still Support The Legal Action

At 2:37pm on March 5, 2015 GoFundMe contacted our group to say they had just changed their terms of use and canceled our campaign which had raised over $520 towards our new goal of $30,000. We had raised $30,000 using this site last year which helped us be able to file our constitutional legal challenge. Not only did they cancel our campaign to raise monies to support our court case, they deleted our account altogether! We want to thank all of our supporters who have reached out to us. For now, the best way to contribute is to send a check or money order to ESPLERP 2261 Market St. # 548 San Francisco, Ca. 94114 We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to serving you in expanding sexual privacy for ALL

In the Media Go Fund Me Cancels Sex Workers Legal Fundraising Efforts, By EJ Dickson “We made inquiries about what exactly had changed, ‘cause it’s a little perplexing,” ESPLERP organizer and Bay Area sex worker advocate Maxine Doogan said in a YouTube video on March 7. Doogan added that she had been emailing GoFundMe about the campaign earlier in the week, and had received no indication that ESPLERP had violated the website’s terms of service.

Will California Legalize Prostitution Next? Inside the Crowd-Sourced Fundraising “We hope to advance sexual privacy rights for everyone,” says Doogan. “It’s important. It’s a fundamental right that we have to recognize.”