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Evaluation System

Re: Evaluating Research on sex industry for public education

Dear Academic,

The Erotic Service Provider Legal, Education and Research Project is asking for your help in referring graduate students in your respective discipline to join our team. Our non profit is dedicated to evaluating research of the sex industry and the larger erotic community to educate the public. In reaching this goal, we are asking graduate students to inform us about what ethical and methodological standards are employed in your respective disciplines to help us form of an evaluation tool to employ on research that has been performed on the sex industry and the larger erotic community.
Our meetings take place over conference call and in person. If there is anyway credit benefit can be transferred to graduate students for their participation, we’d certainly like to make this a reciprocal relationship.

Maxine Doogan
Erotic Service Providers Legal, Education and Research Project
2261 Market St. # a548
San Francisco, California 94114
Four One Five-265-330 Two
info AT