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No On Prop 35-Devil in the Details

Proposition 35 is deeply flawed. If implemented, it will prove harmful to the victims of trafficking rather than helping them. Moreover, it expands the definition of trafficking to ensnare innocent people. Unfortunately, the devil is in the details. Follow the links below to see how Proposition 35’s language undercuts its stated intention and how it unjustly criminalizes people who are not at all involved in trafficking.

In this case, under cover of fighting human trafficking, they would have raise the penalties for commercial sex to an outlandish degree — and define commercial sex extremely broadly.PROPOSITION 35 – THE CALIFORNIA Prop 35- Turning all consensual sex acts into “human trafficking”

Disputing the lies of Prop 35: “legislators have not done anything for victims.”
Governor Brown Signs Leno Bill Aiming to Curb Sex Trafficking Crimes September 24, 2012

Here is a list of 4 laws regarding sex, money and the under aged passed in 2011 by one California Assembly law maker

List of Anti Trafficking Bills Before California State Legislature since 2007 (excel doc)

California Senate Bill SB 57-is one of two bills rejected by state legislators because of ineffective and insufficient funding: This due diligence by state legislators saved voters money and innocent people grief. But proponents of prop 35 brought back these failed pieces of legislation before the voters with no burden of constitutional soundness or solid funding.

And Assembly Bill AB 775

Proposition 35 says the new High Penalties will deter the crime of human trafficking but the research says otherwise. Prison Time Served: High Cost of Low Returns-scientific research PDF

Prison Time Served: High Cost of Low Returns-scientific research Link

And the Financial Cost to the State? How are all these new high prison sentences that don’t deter crime going to be paid for?
Leglislative Analysis doesn’t know how much Prop 35 will cost tax payers of California. Watch the Video Here

California Senator Mark Leno California Assembly Member Tom Ammiano ask the hard questions of Prop35 at Informational Hearing in Sacramento August 14, 2012 Watch the Video Here

Tracking the numbers with moving definitions Operation Cross Country VI: FBI’s campaign to “rescue” youth continue to cause mass arrests of adult women July 11, 2012

Prop 35 says its needed to bring state trafficking laws in line with federal trafficking laws but the truth is that Prop 35 goes way beyond federal anti trafficking laws

*The federal anti trafficking law doesn’t define a ‘commercial sex act’ to be ‘anything of value’ but Prop 35 does.

*The federal anti trafficking law doesn’t define obscenity laws as trafficking but Prop 35 does.

*The federal anti trafficking law doesn’t preclude testimony about involvement with the sex industry, but Prop 35 does.

*The federal anti trafficking law doesn’t incentivize law enforcement, prosecutors and non profits by redirecting victim’s restitution towards themselves like Prop 35 does.

The human cost of Prop 35 Erotic Service Providers Union member Jane speaks out about how prop 35 will hurt her family and under Prop 35’s broad definitions, it will hurt yours too! Watch the Video here
August 14, 2012-Public Information Hearing Sacramento, Ca

More constitutional slippery slope in mandating sex offender registrants turn over their ISP’s to law enforcement within 24 violates protected anonymous speech
ACLU of Northern California-No On Prop 35 Video

The majority of sex offenses committed against minors is by somebody they know in their real life not by anonymous internet users.

Points to Bill and Melinda Gate’s Study in the Philippines that education works-penalties doesn’t! Video of No ON Prop 35 Susie Israel California Public Defenders Association watch the video here

“This proposition is going to be abused, it’s going to be misused, it’s not going to be effective … .” No On Prop 35 Stephen Munkelt of California Attorneys for Criminal Justice Video

“The enforcement for human trafficking laws are carried out by local and federal law enforcement agencies who conduct prostitution sting operations under the guise of rescuing children and stopping human trafficking”

Watch the whole 2 hour Joint hearing of the Senate Public Safety Committee and the Assembly Public Safety Committee Informational Hearing on Proposition 35: Human Trafficking. Penalties. Sex Offender Registration.
Date: Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Time: 9:30 am
Place: State Capitol Room 4203

Read the legislation and arguments agasint here

Our organization’s argument against California Proposition 35 was picked by the Division of Elections to be printed in the voter information guide, hence the official opposition to this short sited ballot measure to go before California voters at the November 6th, 2012 election.

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