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Education: We seek to educate the public, politicians, and academicians about the true social and economic costs associated with the criminalization of adult consensual sex.

Empowerment: We seek to empower the voices of those who work as erotic service providers as well as the voices of those in the larger erotic community.

Integrity: We seek to remain true to supporting our constituency – erotic service providers and the larger erotic community – and to do it with honor.

Justice: Every person, including erotic service providers and the larger erotic community, must be enfranchised to basic human rights such as the right to legally work in the profession of one’s choice, including sex work; and, the right to privacy, including the right of adults to legally engage in consensual sexual relationships, regardless of remuneration.

Leadership: We demonstrate leadership by posing legal challenges to unjust laws prohibiting prostitution; while alternatively, proposing just laws to legitimize prostitution; and, evaluating the scientific methodology and techniques applied to sex worker research to ensure scientifically sound and unbiased results.

Respect: We extend our deep sense of self-respect to each other and to the sex industry and the larger erotic service provider community.

Accountability: We are accountable to each other, and the larger erotic service provider community, to accomplish concrete results while displaying respect and integrity.

Innovation: We are innovative when seeking and applying new ideas to accomplish our goals, and to bring education, empowerment, justice, leadership, respect, and accountability to erotic service providers and the larger erotic community.